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Here's Our Story...

Would you believe that KXOX is here because of a newspaper man and a lawyer? True story! In 1937, George Bennitt, CO-publisher of The Sweetwater Reporter, and lawyer James H. Beall visited Washington D.C. for a vacation. They came home with everything they needed to start a radio station.

In less than two years, a corporation was formed, the old country club was remodeled for a studio, the engineering was completed, and KXOX was on the air. With only 250 watts, KXOX received listener's letters from Munday to Midland. People bragged that KXOX could be heard in 50 counties. Listeners were just crazy about Singin' Sam, the Newman High School Acapella Choir and the Fields and Hall Mountaineers.

It wasn't until 1956 that Jane and Myrl Stein rolled into town. The Steins purchased KXOX and continued to focus on serving the listening area and helping businesses find new customers.

In 1957, Myrl's son Jack and Jack's new wife Maxine found a career at KXOX. Jack eventually became a part owner of the corporation in '4. With new ideas Jack and Maxine oversaw the upgrade of KXOX to 1, watts. In 1, KXOX had a sister. KXOX-FM.

Well, that's most of the story. In 1974, I talked my dad, Jack into giving me a part-time job at KXOX. Pretty soon I had my own night shift and worked until college. The decision to come back was easy. I loved Sweetwater, and radio was in my blood. Thanks for listening to our story. We've been lucky to be a part of Sweetwater and KXOX AM/FM. I hope we can be a part of your success in Sweetwater.


Jeff Stein



KXOX-FM 96.7 MHz
Sweetwater, Texas
"Good Times Great Country"

Station Owner:
Stein Broadcasting Co., Inc.


Station Address:
P.O. Box 570
Sweetwater, TX 79556

Phone: 325-236-6655
Fax: 325-235-4391


Station Format: Country

Website: http://www.kxox.net


Audio Feed: none

KXOX-FM Technical Info:


Station Status  Licensed Class A FM Station
Area of Coverage  View Coverage Map
Effective Radiated Power  2900 Watts
Height above Avg. Terrain  47 meters (154 feet)
Height above Ground Level  81 meters (266 feet)
Height above Sea Level  711 meters (2334 feet)
Transmitter Location  32° 29' 16" N,  100° 23' 31" W
License Granted  June 29 1981


KXOX-AM Technical Info:

Status  Licensed Class C AM Station
Area of Coverage  View Coverage Map
Hours of Operation  Unlimited
Antenna Mode  Non-Directional - 1 Pattern
Transmitter Power  1000 Watts
Number of Towers  1
Transmitter Location  32° 29' 16" N,  100° 23' 31" W