Military Minute

Nolan County Veterans Service Office 235.2214
Veterans Administration 1.800.827.1000
Big Spring/Abilene VA 1.800.472.1365
A lot of veterans out there, when they first hear about a benefit for their service seem to frequently say, they didn't know about it. True, there are a lot of benefits that you have earned for your service, and when you discover one, take advantage of it if you can. New ones pop up all the time, but then old ones quietly retire themselves. One such benefit is for a Texas State Parks pass. It's good for one year and includes unlimited free entry to more than 90 state parks for you and your guests, discounts on camping with restrictions, park store purchases and equipment rentals. It'll cost you $70, and you can buy a second pass for someone who lives at the same address as you for just $25. Buy a pass at any Texas state park and use it right away, or call (512) 389-8900 to order a pass (plus shipping and handling). Or go online to the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, full of everything that department overseas. Check out TPWD standing for Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

Veterans are increasingly being featured in media stories. But did you know that Texas has the second largest veteran population in the nation? In fact, the current number of veterans residing in Texas is almost 1.7 million. With Texas being home to 15 military bases, this strong military presence has led many veterans to a dead halt after discharge. One problem is that the veteran population is huge,and so is the government system. The State of Texas, along with the Veterans Administration, have made bold strides in improving the quality of life for all veterans residing in the Lone Star state. This in response to public outcry and a presidential order to improve the system. Don't waste your benefits. Call the VA General Hotline for guidance on what they can and can't provide you. Their number: 1.800.827.1000. And We have a Veterans Service Officer in Nolan County at 235.2214. This office has offered to help those veterans from surrounding counties who have lost their VSO or never had one.